Periodontal Hygiene Maintenance

During a periodontal (gum disease) evaluation the dental hygienist will gently place a measuring instrument called a periodontal probe in the space between the tooth and the gum tissue. The dental probe is measured in millimetres and will measure pocket depths to determine the health of the gum tissue. Probing depths measuring 1-3mm are usually considered healthy. Four to 5 mm indicate mild periodontitis, 5-6mm indicates moderate periodontitis and 7mm and greater indicate severe periodontitis. Once your periodontal health is evaluated the dental hygienist will work with you to determine treatment necessary to help control the gum disease condition of your mouth and frequency of your dental hygiene visits.

Gum disease in the earlier stage can often be reversed with effective removal of plaque/tartar above and below the gum line and regular visits with your dental hygienist. At more advanced stages there are non surgical treatments that involve a deeper cleaning below the gum line with possible use of antibacterial and antibiotic therapy in the areas affected. Severe cases require a consultation with a periodontist (gum specialist) to discuss the possible need for surgery to stop, halt or minimize the progression of the periodontal disease. The key to good oral health is prevention and to provide you information about the condition of your mouth.

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